Few Facts About Wood Beads


Making jewelry is a method to express your creativity with mixture of color, texture and approach. Wearing the jewelry design through yourself is a fabulous feeling, as it personalizes your jewelry, the others would admire your design and you will sure hear about how good-looking and charming your jewelry is. The procedure of beading jewelry with variety of beads gives you fun. You can also gift handmade jewelry with beads to your friends, parents, classmates, they will adore your jewelry .

Wood beads are very well-liked these days. Though what is the reason for their fame? In this article few facts about wood beads are clarified that contributes to their status.


Wood beads – they are extremely sought after for a variety of causes. For one, they are simply available. Secondly, you can have them in a variety of colors. You can also select from a variety of thicknesses and different patterns and types of wood. They are also simple to cut, carve and shape, & they can be polished, lacquered, painted or given oil treatments for shine.

They are also lightweight, so even if the outline is big and chunky, the jewelry itself is light in weight. Finally, they look good along with pearls, gems and semi-precious stones, and by Swarovski crystals in addition to shells, horn beads & bones.

Types: Wood beads are made from a variety of trees including olive, bamboo, rose, apple, sandalwood, baying, ironwood, ebony, pear, etc. Several of these trees have a separate aroma while others come with a very pleasant grain. Trees like sandalwood have their own smell, which is keep even after beads are made out of them. Isn’t that a good idea?

Size: If you are making your own jewelry, you can take benefit of the fact that wood beads are accessible in graded sizes, start from one millimeter and going on to 1 centimeter. So, go forward and make your own jewelry designs by mixing and matching with further beads and contrasting them by differently colored & sized wood beads.


These beads have been well-liked for numerous years and they come in numerous styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes. The wooden beads might be left unfinished for you to coat yourself, or they might be painted or stained. They do require a protective varnish applied to them to stop them from being uncovered to humidity, and water damage.

There are numerous popular online stores where the wood beads shown are lightweight and just correct for making big and thick jewelry. The bulk beads that you get at this site can be selected from a wide variety, so you will always get the ones you desire to customize your personal jewelry.



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