DIY 3D Red Beaded Rose for Your Girlfriend


Hello, guys. Are you seeking for any great jewelry to try for your girlfriend? You can check this project if you are thinking what kind of gift she will like. You know that each girl likes flower, especially the rose flower. So why do not make one for her? This tutorial will teach you how to make 3D beaded red rose flower, please see it now!
Supplies needed in making red beaded rose:
4mm red round glass beads
3mm green seed beads
0.3mm golden copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make rose pattern
Firstly, cut off the wire about 40cm and slide a red glass bead onto the middle of the wire. And slide another 2 red beads onto this wire, then cross the wire through the two beads. Then cross both wire through 4 beads. And continue to slide 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 beads onto this wire with the same way.
Secondly, slide 7 beads onto both remaining wires respectively. Then cross the both wires through bottom red bead, and tighten them. Then twist the wires together.
Thirdly, make another four same red beaded petals according to above steps.
Step 2: make leaves of rose flower
Follow the above steps and make 6 leaf petals with green beads, and each petal owns 6 lines, which are 1-2-3-4-3-2 beads on each line. Look at this picture.
Step 3: finish beaded rose pattern
Firstly, take out a red beaded petal and wrap it as flower bud does, then wrap the last 4 petals around the inside one.
Secondly, wrap the six leaves patterns together and put it under the petals.
Now it is done.
How do you think of this beaded rose accessory? Make one for your girlfriend, and she will like it. Moreover, she will also feel your care for her. It is a great gift. I plan to make one for myself. Come on and join me!


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