Types Of Beads And Other Varieties Of Beads


Beaded jewelry is highly popular and there are endless choices of customizable beads jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, anklets, armbands and a lot more. There are many types of beads jewelry and each bead has a unique specification.

beads 1

Types of Beads 

  • Acrylic Beads: This bead type is in polymerized or plastic materials such as resin, Fimo polymer clay and other plastics. They are inexpensive, light and appropriate for a range of applications.
  • Pearl Beads: Pearl beads are actual pearls featuring threading holes drilled. There are pearl beads made in plastic or polished glass resembling pearls. Beads made using actual pearls are expensive.Others are made of polished glass or plastic that has been finished to resemble pearls. These beads can be quite expensive, especially if the beads are made from actual pearls.
  • Gemstone Beads: This type of beads resembles gemstones. Some are semiprecious stones, while others are gemstone beads made from plastic or glass.

 Other Varieties of beads include:

beads 2

 Pony Beads

 Pony beads are the seed bead special sub-category and are between 3.5 and 4.5 mm in diameter. They have thin bodies and relatively large threading holes. Pony beads are made of plastic or glass. In fact, beginning bead crafters, learn beading using pony beads mainly as the large threading hole makes work easy.

Charm Beads

Charm beads are painted or carved beads. These are made using a simple bead with a charm. Most charm beads are molded or carved into a specific shape. Charm beads are made from metal and are larger than regular beads.

Specialty Beads

Specialty beads are for specific functions. For instance, crimp beads are crimped to one end of a jewelry piece, thereby placing a stopper on the wire end. Tubular beads may be the spacers or clasp beads may be put to use as create links between the bracelet ends.

Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are lightweight and cheap. They do not give a professional look and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Finishes and Styles

The beads are manufactured giving different styles and finishes now by the modern manufacturers of beads. Thus beads are available with different styles and finishes.

The beads come with solid color interior lining offering a color. This coating goes off in case durable coating is not given.  Beads finish imitates a stone in some beads, especially the opaque type of beads. In fact, translucent seed beads imitate rubies or amethysts, while the transparent beads are fully transparent.


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