How To Make a Multiple strands necklace with wholesale charms?

How To Make a Multiple strands necklace with wholesale charms?

You have been making simple necklaces, and now it is time that you add some variety to muse your excitement. I love the idea of mixing, matching, putting this and that and having many strands on a necklace because not only they show off that you know your game with wholesale charms, but also look splendid.

Let us start now with collecting the following supplies:

  • Wholesale charms
  • 18” chain
  • Clasp of your choice
  • 20 gauge metal wire
  • Wire for beading
  • Guards for wire
  • 10mm opening End cones
  • Scissors
  • 2mm Crimp beads
  • Round nose pliers
  • Jump rings

First and foremost, you need to form loops that would attach to your necklace’s strands. I would say you make a closed connector to make sure you do not let anything fall down later on from an opened jump ring. Of course, at the end look it shall be covered by an end cone.

Cut 4 inches of your beading wire in order to form a closed connector and cover up an end of your beading wire around the round nose pliers. Wrap the short end around the long one, which will make your loop securely. After wrapping for about twice or thrice, cut off any piece in excess.

You need to string your wholesale charms, so prepare your wire. You need to keep the appeal of your wire secure, so fix a wire guard. Put your wire into a crimp bead and then through one end of the guard.  Hook your guard on the connector and pull the corresponding end into the next opening of your wire guard. Feed your wire back into the crimp bead and then crimp it securely via pliers.

Add the other beads to your wire and press the other end to the other loop.

You can choose to keep a different length of your chain & strands to add more versatility and style, so that they do not overlap onto each other and hide under.

Cut a piece of your chain and fix to a jump ring. When the beaded part is all done and connections are made, you should attach your end cones.

String a cone on the connector to wrap it up. If you want to secure it, add your chain onto the loop. But if it looks complicated to do then simply close it first, and then using a jump ring fix it to your chain. Then as you did in one of the previous step, shut your connector by covering it around your pliers and covering the pieces in excess around the bottom of your new loop. Trim away any pieces that are in excess.

Followed by, add the chain. The length is totally up to you; mine was 18”. For it, I put 2 chains of the same length to the loops and attached to a clasp to close it up.

You are finally finished! I am sure you enjoyed working with wholesale charms. It was indeed a bit tricky one, but you should focus on how you have had a learning opportunity to take on some of the most useful jewelry making steps.


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