Simple Tutorial on Wire Pearl Dangle Pendant Necklace Making


Hey, guys. Nice to see you. Hope everything is going well with you. Do you like wire pendant necklace? How about wire and pearl bead pendant necklace? Today I am going to show you simple tutorial on how to make wire and pearl bead pendant necklace. You can try to make one for yourself if you also like it.
Supplies needed in wire and pearl dangle necklace:
Pearl Beads
1mm Aluminum Wire
Jump ring
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier
Flat Nose Plier
Step 1: wrap the wire into a cage in shape
Firstly, cut off the aluminum wire with suitable length, and twist the wire into in two halves, then wrap them in circles with opposite position and ensure that the largest circle can hold the pearl bead.
Secondly, fold the two parts in “s” shape.
Thirdly, pull the two ends of the wire with jewelry plier slightly. Fill into a pearl bead when it can hold.
Fourthly, close the cage and adjust the coil slightly.
Step 2: finish this wire pendant necklace
Firstly, cut off the chain with suitable length according to your neck.
Secondly, add the chain to the wire pearl pendant, then add a jump ring to connect two ends of the chain.
Then this pendant necklace has been finished!
It is so simple, agree me? It just needs so few materials and tools. Trust me, you can finish it if you decide to make it. And you also can enjoy the pleasure of the process. Hope you will be willing to share your crafts with us. Have a nice try!


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