How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

We are back with our very own seed beads. They have quite an appeal of their own that makes us want to collect more and more. It is incredible how incredibly crafty you could get with these, and I personally love them the most.

Today, we are going to learn how to make a wired bracelet using seed beads. It is a simple project much addressed to the beginners who just started. Plentiful of skills are here to learn that will be adopted in nearly every handcrafted jewelry process.

So, sit tight, concentrate and begin… First of all, make sure you are on a lead with all the following supplies:

  • Seed beads – use any color you want. You can also add a seasonal theme
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Pliers
  • Ruler or inch tape for measuring length
  • Hairspray or any aerosol can

Following are the steps:

  • Begin with holding your 18 gauge craft wire prior to trimming it off the bundle. Then, form coils out of your wire using looping pliers. You have to be very cautious about it. Do not deform it; carefully and gently make wire coils.
  • For length, let me give you an approximate of 3 cm. In order to make a single bracelet, you require 6 wire coils measuring 3 cm long.
  • Another careful step to come; once you are done making your coils, now bend them a bit in order to form a round shape, so that your wire coils could easily fit into your bracelet.
  • Wrap it around your wrist and measure the size. You need to have a wire that is an inch or half more than the actual length. My length was 6”, so I cut my wire around 6.5”.
  • Now form any loop at either end of your wire using your looping pliers. Wrap the wire around your aerosol can carefully. You need to keep the other finishing point unclosed for the time being.
  • Put a wire coil through the bracelet through the point that you left opened. Then, string seed beads onto the wire. Once you reach halfway length of your wire, stop inserting beads.
  • Now, put another coil and repeat the abovementioned steps. Keep one and a half cm joined at the end because you will require forming another loop for closure.
  • Make another bracelet utilizing the same processes. Then make two jump rings.
  • Place your bracelets parallel, overlapping each other and having their loops matched on every end. Then attach jump rings to join the bracelets.
  • Cut wire piece around 8 cm. Bend it.
  • Again bend your wire using the looping plier to make a hook shape.
  • Now attach this hook with your bracelet via the ring on any side you prefer.
  • If you want to make any adjustments to your bracelet length, simply add more rings.

You are all done! Doesn’t it look splendid? Thank you for heading out to my blog!

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