How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

Welcome to another step-to-step guide of making handcrafted jewelry. It has always been a pleasure for me to present you with these tutorials. I know you love it and enjoy it. Today we are going to learn to make bracelets using simple wholesale charms. These wholesale charms are easily available and affordable. You don’t need to fret about any complicated step; you just need some time off and your good will to proceed.

I have listed the materials you need below. Sit tight and concentrate!

  • Wholesale charms
  • Link chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1: First things first, create a good design. This requires your head working more than your hands. Think of a design, depict and arrange your supplies respectively.

Step 2: Then, you need to choose a chain for your bracelet. Head to stores and buy different sizes of chains and attach a clasp on your own. Choose a chain that matches your design and kind of bracelet.

Step 3: Select your wholesale charms and let your creativity do the job. You can opt for ready-made ones that are available in various colors and patterns. I always advise that you allow your creativity to work because you are not only making a material, but building your mind and experience in the job. Go for wholesale charms that are made up of metal, shell, bone, glass, ceramic or wood. Mix and match freely. You can go for a number of 10 charms to start with. You can always add more depending on the size and type of the bracelet you want.

Step 4: Arrange your bracelet on a flat surface. Then, lay out your wholesale charms beneath your bracelet as you like. You can simply put them in random or form a unique pattern. There’s no specific way to do so. Afterwards, fix jump rings to your charms. Using your needle-nose pliers and open the jump rings and slide them through the ring or loop of your charm. Close your jump ring using your pliers, neatly. You are almost done. Try it on your wrist and check the size.

If you left some space in your bracelet, you can always add more charms into it. I would recommend you try something like lampwork glass or gold charms to make it look appealing. Make any adjustments in the size as you have left enough space to work in the end. Trim off any ends that lie in excess.

That was all! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and loved it all through. It was a basic and simple guide you followed. You noticed that these steps were not complicated at all, in fact there are certain steps that you learn and apply in almost any handcrafted jewelry steps. Now that you know how to make wholesale charms bracelet, try making ones for your family and friends. I am sure they will love them!

Stay tuned on my blog for more exciting tutorials! I’ll see you next time…


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