How to make a bracelet using seed beads?

How to make a bracelet using seed beads?

Did you ever wonder you could make handcrafted jewelry on your own?

Well, you have taken the leap of heading out to my blog. Let me tell you, not only you can learn to make handcrafted jewelry, but you can be really good at it and in fact, muster your creativity and knack for craftwork as a business!

You may be looking for a gift that shows your love and fondness, yet personalized and easy. So, worry not because today the bracelet we are going to learn to make might just be the right gift item to go with.

Let us begin with my step-to-step guide. If you are a beginner, stay focused, concentrate and read every step carefully. You do not want to miss anything or do it entirely wrong, otherwise you may frustrate yourself. It is simple and requires your good will! Just imagine how shiny gold and matte seed beads would go for Christmas or any season!

The following is the list of materials you need, so make sure you do not fall short of anything:

  • Matte and glossy seed beads – all must be 4mm in size
  • Strong, broad wire – 20 gauge copper in Parrot green color
  • Pliers
  • Double Cup Loop Connectors
  • Clasps
  • Scissors

*Although there are no restrictions of design and color of your seed beads, but if you generally require a suggestion, then I would say you try to find a combination of green-blue matte beads, metallic burgundy matte and bronze gold matte.

Step 1: First of all, grab your scissors and carefully cut an 18-24” of wire length. You will have 2 loops around the wrist for the length of 18”. Make sure you do not forcefully bend or deform the wire while cutting it.

Step 2: Grab the sack of your seed beads that you are using. I recommend you use the bronze gold matte on the center of your bracelet and on each end of your other piece. I put the metallic burgundy ones towards the ends of the piece with bronze golden beads. Then, I added the green-blue on the middle of the other piece.

Step 3: It is time to string the beads! Start by putting your wire into the hole & pulling the bead up onto the wire length. Just remember, you have to carefully hold the wire because you do not want to disturb its natural shape.

Step 4: Once you are done stringing the whole length of wire with seed beads, leave out an inch or more space at the finishing points, then cover the wire around the foot of a double-cup connector & close it using pliers. You will have a loop to attach a clasp to your connectors. I’d say you let it remain unclasped because it looks better this way.

Step 5: To cover up, follow the natural shape of your wire and then strongly wrap the bracelet on your wrist. Let it go and it will spread out a bit.

That was all! How does it look like? I’m sure you loved it. Stay tune for more blogs for seed beads jewelry!


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