How to Make Blue Beaded Fringe Earrings with Chain


Hey, friends. Do you like fringe earrings? You know that fringe earrings always look charming, so do you want to own your one? Today I am going to show you a tutorial for how to make a pair of blue beaded fringe earrings with chain. It is really a simple project, and you can finish it by yourself. Let’s start!
Jewelry making supplies for blue beaded fringe earrings:
4mm blue crystal beads
4mm clear crystal beads
Clear drop beads
Iron chains
Earring hooks
0.3mm copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Round nose plier
Step 1: make blue beaded patterns
Firstly, make five blue and crystal beaded dangles and make loops at ends.
Secondly, slide the five beaded dangles and four blue beads onto the eyepin, make a loop at the end.
Thirdly, trim off the cooper wire about 15 cm, and slide a crystal drop bead onto it. Then twist the wire and make a loop, and wrap the wire around the loop. Cut down the excessive wire and make another same four drop beaded dangles.
Step 2: finish fringe earrings
Firstly, connect the five drop beaded dangles with blue beaded patterns.
Secondly, cut off two piece of chain about 6cm. And connect two chains with two ends of fringe earrings. Then attach the two chains with a jump ring.
Thirdly, add an earring hook and connect them jump ring. Then make another same fringe earring.
Then this pair of chain beaded earrings has been finished!
How do you think of the earrings? They are so beautiful and can be finished simply, right? Trust me, you will become more charming if you wear them. So each girl needs such pretty earrings, why don’t you make them for yourself?


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