Everything You Must Know About Heart Beads

Everything You Must Know About Heart Beads

Heart beads, pendants and charms are the perfect thing to use for creating romantic jewelry designs. As we all know that a heart shape symbolizes true attachment, love and care which is why this is the best design to choose for making jewelry items. We all know Valentine’s day is coming soon so I decided to give you guys a little head start to use the heart shaped beads in some pretty creative and attractive crafting items to make your loved ones feel special.

Usually, people use heart symbol to represent love for their spouse or to-be partners. But, in fact, heart shaped items can be used to give your family members as well. Obviously, you wouldn’t like anything made out of heart shapes to your brother. Like why would you do that? But the one person to whom you can always give hearts and flowers endlessly without any hesitation is to your mother. A mother is a gift from God and every person who wants to live a good life should always cherish their mothers for the amount of efforts, love and compromises they had to put through to get you where you are.

heart beadsNow getting back to business. Heart beads can be found in various designs, colors and shapes like all the other beads present. You can use them in different kinds of projects and ideas. When it comes to listing down the things in which you can use these beads then the list becomes endless as you will come across one idea after the other. This is no hard job for creative minds like mine. I like to see everything that is best in any kind of object. Anything I see, I always imagine what great things I could do with it. Moreover, you can always accommodated heart beads in any of your crafting projects.

As we were previously talking about love and relationships so I will be telling you various ways in which you can use heart shaped beads to create things that can be gifted to your loved ones. Here are the most common projects in which people use heart beads to create amazing and fascinating items:

Candle Making

Not only heart beads but candle making projects have involved in other shaped beads as well. Some of you might think that making a candle at home is a difficult task. Not really, when you have the things at home. When you finish making the candle wax pour it into a small glass and add in the string like you used to. After that start putting glue from the bottom of the glass and start putting any color heart beads you like. You can also put the beads inside the candle wax and set it to dry.


While making creative paintings you can also glue on some heart shaped beads either on the painting or on the borders. Just like this you can also glue them to the photo frames for enhancing their looks.

I could write endlessly on this and give you ideas on how to use heart beads but everything has got a limit. Use these ideas and create things on your own with the wide range of colors and sizes available. Decorate all the way!


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