How to Make Simply Key Chains with Acrylic Beads?


There are lots of things that can be made out of acrylic beads. It is not just jewelry items which can be made out of them. Here, I am going to teach you how to make key chains out of them. For that purpose, you can have the beads in any shape or even size you love. I would recommend you to get the ones that have a primary base and a flat surface so that we can readily attach the embellishment with the monogram.

acrylic beads


Let’s take a look at what materials you will need to get started with the project:

  • Flat acrylic beads
  • Key ring
  • Colored cord (the cord must be thin enough to go through the bead even if you had made it double)
  • Flat embellishment
  • Large hole beads and seed beads
  • Adhesive


  • Start by gluing the selected embellishments to both sides of the flat acrylic beads Allow them to dry and for this, it is recommended to leave it overnight. You must know which side will be used as the top of the key ring.
  • Take 10 inches cord and double it up
  • Attach this cord to the key ring by running the loop through the key ring and the running ends of the cord through the loop itself.
  • At the ends, add decorative beads. Feed the cord through top hole of the bead.
  • Now work on the bottom of the key ring. Tie a knot at the base. You have to be sure that the large bead is snug against the top bead.
  • Add decorative bead to each strand and tie a knot at the end of the strand for securing it. After this, trim the strands.
  • Feed the cord with a decorative bead. You can use string beads here. Make sure you keep one strand a bit longer than the other one.
  • Now add a large bead at each end of the strand by using a seed bead for the purpose of securing the knot and trim the strands.

You have your key chain ready. You can even customize the process. There are many other styles through which you can prepare your own key chain. Before you start the project, you have to be sure that you have all the best materials ready. Among the materials, your focus should be on acrylic beads themselves. You have to be sure to collect high quality beads. Many of you would be wondering if high quality beads always come with expensive price. Well, that is not always true. If you are looking for the best quality beads, simply look for the reliable suppliers that have different quality and variety in the beads. Even the wholesale suppliers have the best quality and you can even find them at affordable rates.

Just make a list of the items that you want to create with these acrylic beads. There is a huge list of things that can created with them. You simply have to use your creativity and get started.

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