Wholesale Charms – Want To Make Charm Bracelets?

Wholesale Charms – Want To Make Charm Bracelets?

Jewelry appears large to be a must-have for girls. Especially when all our childhoods, the deep seated love for jewelry was sprouted with those colorful little plastic trinkets. If you grew up with similar affection for intricate jewelry as I do, then it’s your lucky day because I’m going to address some decisive measures with regards to a personal jewelry making business.

Today, jewelry making obsession is spreading like an epidemic, because faintly numbered people know how to stay involved in this business for long-term. While others, who heap on passion for it, find buying wholesale charms an absolute nightmare.

Given my experience in the charm bracelet making, I am going to share tips which will work as a mental check-list every time you’re on to purchasing wholesale charms.

Tips on buying wholesale charms

 Coming from a group of jewelry making aficionados, these are the tips you should always swear by:

 Select the kind of charms you need for jewelry

So, you have finally decided to get your hands dirty in the jewelry making business, it is a good thought to start with cramming about various kinds of charm worn by people around you. Teens and adults have different choices since it depends on personal interests.

Notably, pixie charm bracelets are a holy grail amongst the female group; while male musicians are mostly seen sporting statement charms such as Evil Eye or Devil. Hence, you must pick your favorite niche and carry a research at hand about the product’s demand and consumer scale of preferences when buying from jewelry dealers.

 What kind of material do you need? Which one is good?

 After deciding on which consumer group to prepare jewelry for, it is now time to learn about different types of material. You would find charms made of sterling silver, glass, crystal, pewter, ceramic or wood. Some charms that are designed on wood would not look appealing on crystal and vice versa. Therefore, when you are on to buying wholesale charms, first consider the type of material you would want to work with.

 Price for the material of charms and negotiation is important

The most expensive material for charms is crystal. When buying this kind of charm on wholesale, you would want to negotiate a bit on the bulk price. Usually, crystal charms in bulk are priced at maximum at $49 which is a little too much for someone like you who has just flitted producing home-made jewelry.

The cheapest of all charm materials, undoubtedly is wood. Wood wholesale charms are rarely seen because of the better variety offered in other materials. However, if you plan to create jewelry for people or kids who usually like wooden objects and may appreciate tiny wood jewelry, then a bulk would cost you from 50 cents to $3. If you come across to people who are prone to several skin allergies then pewter would be a heads up and the bulk of pewter charms cost around $5, which is a steal!

If you follow these tips, your jewelry making tasks would seem less frenzied and fun round the clock. The key is to know what your potential buyers like.


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