DIY Multi Strands Chain Necklace with Glass Beads


Hello, guys, how are you? Do you want to make any accessories recently? Then congratulations, because today I am going to show you a beautiful necklace. You will know how to make it after seeing this tutorial. Then let’s make this multi strands chain necklace with black glass beads together.
Supplies needed in making multi strands chain necklace with glass beads:
8mm black glass beads
Golden iron chain
Golden eyepins
Golden lobster clasp
Golden jump rings
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make beaded part
Slide a black glass bead onto an eyepin and make a loop at the end. Then repeat sliding until we get 16 beaded parts.
Step 2: cut off the chain to get two 22cm chains, two 20cm chains, two 19cm chains and two 18cm chains, as picture shows.
Step 3: Finish final part
Firstly, connect two 18cm chains with one black glass bead part, connect two 19cm chains with three beaded parts, connect two 20cm chains with five beaded parts and connect two 22cm chains with seven beaded parts. Then it is the below picture.
Secondly, attach all ends of the chains with the jump ring and do it to other ends. Then connect two jump rings with a lobster clasp.
Then it is finished!
You may think what a simple tutorial, it is right!! You can finish this chain necklace tutorial even if you are a green hand. Chain necklace always looks cool and the black glass beads also look mysterious. Do you like it? You can make it with few tools and materials, so have a nice try!





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