The Joy Of Making Your Own Jewellery

The Joy Of Making Your Own Jewellery

Everyone likes jewellery. I mean, who does not like shiny stuff? But the bragging rights go up manifold if the jewellery is self-made. Interested? Well, before starting out, the first thing that you need to understand is that you need jewellery making supplies for even the most basic of these operations. Not to worry, it is not rocket science. The science (or maybe we should call it art) of jewellery making is so easy that practically anyone can do it.

Getting started

First thing that you need to understand while getting the supplies is that there are things which every piece of jewellery needs. So you need to keep these in larger quantity. The first of these is the string. Remember, almost every kind of jewellery that you make will require some sort of connection or the other. As such, the string forms one of the most important part of the piece. Also, make sure that you get more than one variety of these. For example, while the simple cord might be good enough for the light pieces that you will be starting out with, as you gain more experience, you will inevitably shift to more complex, and, more weighted materials. For these, you need advanced jewellery making supplies among which will be plastic wires and even metal ones. Keep these handy so that you do not lose your inspiration while trying to think where you put your materials.

Organization is the key

Remember, it is imperative that you keep a sketchbook handy. Make a rough drawing of what you are thinking about when trying out a new design. Also, make a jewellery supplies box. These are fairly easy to make and will make your creativity infinitely harder to channelize (believe me, I have been there). If you are too lazy to make a box, simply buy one.

Turn on your creative fountain

What sets one maker apart from the other? How you think. While jewellery making supplies does make a difference, at the end, your designs and your creativity play the most important part. You have to understand that everyone can make glass beads of various colours. But seldom do people pay much attention to the colour combination. However, I can tell you that this is by far the most important thing to have an eye out for while designing a new piece of necklace. Roam the shops to find out different materials and different designs that you can work with. Usually, the ethnic designs work the best as people in an area can relate to designs which they have always seen.

Do not be afraid to take criticism

If you think that a design is beautiful, make a single piece and ask friends and family on how it actually looks. Not everyone has the same taste in jewellery. What you think is beautiful might not be so in everyone’s eyes. Base your next shipment of jewellery making supplies on these suggestions. This is especially true if you are looking to sell a few of these. After all, nothing feels better than earning money doing what you like.


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