DIY Beaded Wire Wrapped Wave Bracelet


Hello, guys, I believe that you also must have a wonderful Christmas festival. It is nice to hear that! Today I will show you a kind of wire wrapped jewelry. It is special in design that agate beads have been added onto it. And the golden wire which has been wrapped looks like wave. Do you want to know how it is made?
Supplies needed in making beaded wire wrapped wave bracelet:
Gold aluminum wire
0.5mm gold copper wire
8mm red agate beads
Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier
Step 1: make wrapped wire
Firstly, cut off the aluminum wire about 35cm length, and make a simple loop at one end. Then wrap the wire just as wave in shape. Make another loop at the end until you get the desired length.
Secondly, cut off the cooper wire about 60cm length, then slide an agate bead onto the wire, then put the bead on the position as picture shows and wrap the cooper wire around the golden wire to fix them.
Thirdly, repeat to slide agate beads and fix the wires until you get enough beads.
Step 2: finish final part of the bracelet
Firstly, cut off the golden wire about 10cm length, and wrap the wire as “S” in shape to make a clasp, just as picture did.
Secondly, bend the waved beaded part and connect the two ends with the clasp “S”.
Then it is done!
Wow, what a beautiful beaded wire wrapped wave bracelet, right? Lovely design with golden wire and red agate beads impresses me so much. And I cannot wait to make my own pretty wire wrapped bracelet. So do you like it?


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