How to store your jewelry making supplies?

How to store your jewelry making supplies?

If you have a passion of making your own jewelry, there are 100 percent chances that you have a huge collection of jewelry making supplies. Once you have indulged yourself in designing jewelry, you unintentionally start collecting different types of supplies and beads here and there. You have stored them in random boxes, jars, bags or even a mountain would have been piled up of different jewelry making supplies that could be knocked down into a new creation anytime.

Here I am going to give you some ideas which will help you in storing your beads and other jewelry making supplies.

Organize All the Things:

1st of all the things, you must have a clean place for everything. A place for everything is not enough, as everything must be present on its own place. You should try not to shove all your things randomly. Organize the things handily; you have to be very figurative for that.

If you have a huge untidy mess of the jewelry making supplies, and you need something that is somewhere in that messed up the pile, there are 100 percent chances that you won’t be able to find the required thing in the time of need.

Find best-suited containers:

When you have a creative mind, you don’t need to put much effort in finding storage containers in your home. You find them easily and can even recycle the glass jars, or you can simply use soup cans by just washing them and covering them with fabric or paper, you can even cut down milk containers to make boxes for storage. Clean those messed up pile by stacking similar type of supplies in different piles and keep each of them in the best suited containers. Store all similar things in one container; gather the paint brushes, pencils, and identical tools in a glass or any other convenient container. Make partitions by using inner dividers in a large box to store similar small items and jewelry making supplies.

Label the containers:

Try to label the containers that are not transparent so that it will become easier for you to find the required thing just by reading the name on the jar or the container.

Organize same jars and containers together:

Once you have stored your stashed jewelry making supplies in the right sized and right kind of containers, now it’s the turn of containers to be stored in their places. Place jars in a row and stack the boxes one over another.

Place things in your reach:

The things and tools that are used most often must be stored in your reach. It will help you in saving time and effort to search for that particular thing that you have placed somewhere further.

Use the place of your work entirely and store the things neatly. You can place your boxes under the table or can store your jars in the cabinet. You must take care of keeping your work place clean to avoid anxiety.


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