Collection of Lovely Wire Wrapped Rings


Hello, guys. Happy Tuesday! Hope everything is going well. I showed you different styles of necklace and bracelet last time, remember it? Today I am going to share a kind of lovely ring for you, wire wrapped ring. And I have to express my sincere thanks to our Pandahall customers for these pretty designs.
Wire wrapped ring with turquoise beads
Wire Wrap Ring
As we can see, it is mainly made by two kinds of jewelry wire and turquoise beads. It looks a little hard to make it, but actually you can develop your creativity during the process. Look forward your nice work!
Wire wrapped ring with jade beads
Wire Wrapped Ring
Designer: Minh Hang
Wow, jade beads look fantastic! It is obviously easier than the previous one, so you can try this one if you think the turquoise bead ring is more difficult. The copper jewelry wire is glossy and it has a perfect match with jade beads. I really love this style!
Wire wrapped ring with crackle beads
Wire Twsited Ring
It looks likes beautiful flower, right? These crackle beads are also special and have their own reins. And every bead is wrapped by aluminum wire, such a great idea!
Wire wrapped ring with labradorite beads
Wire Wrapped Ring2
Designer: Minh Hang
It is just made by labradorite bead and cooper jewelry wire. Simple but creative, I believe you can finish this ring. Do you plan to make it?
So which one do you prefer? Or you may like them all. Twisted wire is usually seen in jewelry making and you are supposed to follow this trend then make your own wrapped wire jewelry. Enjoy!


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