How to Wear and Take Care of your Snap Jewelry?

How to Wear and Take Care of your Snap Jewelry?

Among the many different types of jewelry items, the most interesting ones I find is snap jewelry. They can be a great addition to your collection. It is through these jewelry items that you can create what you love and wear them always. You simply need one base product and different interchangeable accessories and everything would just be perfect. For example, if you are getting an angle locket, get different center pieces so that you can change it every day and make them match your outfit.

If you have newly started wearing snap jewelry, here is a guide for all the beginners that I would like to share:

How to Change the Poppers?

It is quite easy to change the poppers. All you have to do is look for the metal rim on the base. Use your nail to pick it up. It would become easy for the popper to pop off that way and you can place a new design there from your collection. Initially, when you will be exchanging the popper, it might feel tight so you are recommended to give it a good pop otherwise the snap jewelry will fall off. In case you pull the top of the decorative poppers and there is a design above, it will cause damage. Whenever you are removing the popper, start with the rim. There are some items such as the memory glass lockets which you cannot open up all the way so be gentle while doing so and do not force it.

How to Clean the Snap and the Poppers?

Cleaning is a necessary part of any jewelry item and so is snap jewelry. You simply need a dry cloth to do that. Most of the jewelry items are made with silver plated, copper or stainless metal. Do not use chlorine to wear the lock or the snap pieces. You have to be careful in choosing the material in case you have allergies with metal.

Be sure that whenever you are exchanging a new popper, you are starting from the first rim instead of the base. In case you start pulling from the base, that means you are pulling out the snap itself. It is recommended not to wear the jewelry pieces like these in water because the product will start becoming dull over time. These pieces of jewelry are not recommended for children because they might not be as gentle in removing or exchanging the snap and poppers.

Have a Huge Collection with a Huge Variety

As you will explore the markets, there is now loads of variety available in snap jewelry which no one would be able to resist. You will find flower snaps, beads, necklaces, earrings, rings and even bangles in snap variety. The more you have them, the easier it will become for you to wear a new piece of jewelry. This jewelry is especially useful for those individuals who go to work and they want to be sure they wear matching accessories and a new jewelry item every time they go. Life will become easy with this type of jewelry for sure.


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