How to DIY Colorful Glass Beaded Bracelet for Kids


Do you often make something for your kids? If no, now you can have a try. It is easy to diy a colorful glass beaded bracelet for them. And I believe kids will like the bracelet with colorful glass beads.Making-Colorful-bracelet-for-kids-with-crystal-and-polymer-beads1
Things needed to diy colorful glass beaded bracelet for kids:

  1. 1mm crystal thread
  2. 10mm red painted glass beads
  3. 10mm red round faceted glass beads
  4. 10mm green round faceted glass beads
  5. 10mm green synthetic turquoise beads
  6. Red polymer clay bead
  7. Green shell beads
  8. Crimp beads
  9. Crimp bead covers
  10. Flat nose plier
  11. Scissors

Step1: Slide beads onto the thread
Firstly, cut down crystal thread about 35cm length, and tie at one end of the wire, then leave 8cm length.
Secondly, slide a red faceted glass bead and a crimp bead onto the wire.
Thirdly, flatten the crimp bead with the flat nose plier to fix the glass bead.
Finally, string a crimp bead cover on the flatted bead so that it can hide the crimp bead.
Step2: Make the glass beaded bracelet
Firstly, slide a green faceted glass bead onto the wire.
Secondly, slide a crimp bead and flatten it, then string a crimp bead cover on it.
Thirdly, repeat the action of sliding and covering, and slide the green turquoise bead, red painted bead, shell bead, and flower bead in order. Then do it at the other half wire.
Finally, connect the two ends firmly with a tie then use a crimp bead cover to hide the knot, just as previous step.
Yeah, it is the lovely glass beaded bracelet.
Of course, you can decide the order of different colored glass beads as you like. Now, can you finish the glass beaded bracelet for your kids? Trust yourself to make one to give your kid a lovely gift!


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