How to Make Dangling Earrings within Three Steps


Dangling earrings always make people more pleasant. Do you have any simple dangling earrings to keep your good mood? If no, I believe you will love this tutorial. Let us learn how to make dangling earrings together.

Things needed to make dangling earrings

  1. acrylic beads
  2. turquoise beads
  3. iron pinch bails
  4. eyepins
  5. earring hooks
  6. side cutting pliers
  7. round nose pliers
  8. wire cutter pliers


Firstly, screw the iron pinch bail into the half-drilled turquoise beads.


Secondly, thread 9 acrylic beads through a eyepin and loop the other end of this eyepin.


Finally, Add the earring hooks, as well as the turquoise bead dangles by opening those two loops that is close to rainbow bead part. Then it is done!



Yeah! What a simple diy earrings it is. The project is suitable for the beginners to make a dangling earrings.


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