Different Types of Wooden Beads in the Market


wooden necklaceFor those not in the know, wooden beads are a key accessory for jewelry making. They are very common in the market and crafters from across the world have a soft spot for them. Maybe, it’s because of the unique qualities that wooden material comes with. It is durable and attractive. Also, wood is light in weight especially when dry which is an ideal quality for beads. That is more than just enough to entice any person into considering using wooden beads for a jewelry project.

Another important aspect that should not be ignored is the options that beads made of wood material offer in the market. You will come across a very heavy selection to enable you manage any type of jewelry project. You might be out to create earrings, bracelets or necklaces and ideal wooden beads will be available for your consideration. When you are able to do wide consideration online, you will get hold of all types of beads to have a look at and they include:

  • Rosewood beads– this is a very great option for creating jewelry with beads. The material is heavy and dark as well as dense. The grains for these beads are in refined lines that come in dark brown and black colors to make them attractive. When you have these wooden beads, they will keep off any negative energy as well as strengthen your impression in the best way.
  • Sandalwood beads– you will like these beads for two main reasons. One, their weight is very light and secondly, they come in light colors. Its soothing smell is very unique and distinctive which will make it possible to differentiate it from others in the market. There have been beliefs that sandalwood brings about clear perceptions to the wearer but you need to have that experience firsthand.

Apart from those two, you will get to know about several other types of wooden beads in the market but only through researching well. You should not leave anything to chance but go flat out to ensure you have exhausted all options available. In crafting, you will have several uses for these beads and some might be influenced by the type you have chosen. Scrapbooking is one of such uses. For starters, a scrapbook is more of an album that is decorated.

wooden beaded braceletIt’s used for preserving some of the memorable moments captured in photographs. Owing to the valuable use of scrapbooks, it will be good to beautify using beads and those made of wood will be the ideal ones. Decoration is generally the widely known use of wooden beads and that is applicable in very many situations. You can decorate virtually anything in the house but you must make wise choices on the type of beads that you decide to use.

You will not have any limitations because these beads come in varied sizes, shapes and colors. From that, you will have all the opportunities of settling for the right beads to satisfy your decoration needs. Make sure you have made right and informed choices all the time.


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