Basic Wholesale Jewelry Supplies You Can Purchase for Your Jewelry Making Business


Wholesale BeadsWholesale jewelry supplies are items used in jewelry making that are sold at wholesale. Making jewelry requires quite some items to come up with unique designs. Starting from beads of all kinds, to jewelry making tools, a good designer needs a well-stocked jewelry supplies cabinet to make excellent adornments.

Even if you are an amateur jewelry designer, there are some basic wholesale jewelry supplies that one cannot do without when making jewelry. There are so many sellers of jewelry supplies; hence, when shopping for supplies always buy good quality items. It’s important to buy quality because the quality of your supplies will determine the quality of the jewelry you make.

Basic wholesale jewelry supplies for beginners

There are a few basic items that every jewelry maker should have in his/her supplies cabinet. These basic supplies are;

–    Beads

You cannot make jewelry without beads as they are a basic material in many jewelry designs. There many kinds of beads to choose from starting with expensive precious stone beads to affordable beads such as wooden beads. Since there is such a wide selection of beads to choose from, purchases depend on one’s budget the kind of beads that a jewelry maker purchases.

–    Stringing material

You cannot make jewelry without stringing material to hold your beads together. Stringing material can be a plastic cord, copper wire, chains or thread. The stringing material you choose must complement your beads of choice and be able to hold their weight. The stringing material must also withstand the wear and tear that the jewelry item will be exposed to when worn.

–    Pliers

There are many pliers used in jewelry making because pliers are used for so many purposes in jewelry making. Jewelry making pliers are used to cut, twist, loop and bend the threading material. A jewelry maker should purchase round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and bend nose pliers among other kinds. Some pliers are better for certain things than other. For example, flat nose pliers are good for closing jump rings and bending wires. Round nose pliers are ideal for making loops and holding small components such as beads when working. A jewelry maker’s choice of pliers is determined by the needs of the jewelry maker.

–    Clasps

Without clasps, many kinds of jewelry items cannot be worn. Jewelry clasps are the items used to secure jewelry items together. Clasps are mainly available in different metal forms such as those made from enamel, bronze, brass and copper. There are also many different designs that make clasps. There are toggle clasps, buckle clasps, button clasps, alligator clip clasps and hook clasps among others.

Buy your wholesale jewelry supplies online

Beaded BraceletThese are some of the basic jewelry supplies required for jewelry making. It’s easy to buy supplies for jewelry making online. Purchasing jewelry supplies online is easy and convenient. Online Supplies merchants provide a wide selection of supplies to choose from for affordable prices. Purchasing supplies online is convenient, and it helps save money.  Wholesale prices are much more affordable online than in brick and mortar shops. You can shop for your supplies from the comfort of your home or workshop so why not purchase your wholesale jewelry supplies online today!


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