4 Cross Pendants Must See


Faith-inspired accessories sell well at church bazaars, fairs and gospel festivals. Cross pendants are no exception. For a spiritual friend or family member, cross pendants can be lovely gifts at all gift-giving occasions. Today, I will share with you 4 cross pendants, namely, pearl cross pendant, wooden cross pendant, wire wrapped cross pendant, and horseshoe nail cross pendant.

Pearl Cross Pendant
Pearl Cross Pendant
This gleaming yellow cross pendant is gorgeous!!! The sparkling look and smooth texture have an alluring attraction that we cannot refuse. Buying at a luxurious jewelry shop may be expensive but DIY such a cross pendant is within your ability. The materials needed are yellow pearl beads and tiger tail which are available at jewelry making supplies.

Wooden Cross Pendant
wooden cross pendant
This wooden cross pendant is extremely beautiful. The pattern on the pendant is a    reminder of the pain of Jesus crucifixion which is a good way to show religious belief. Besides, the wooden beads are light-weighted which will not add too much burden on your neck.
Wire Cross Pendant
Wire Cross Pendant
Amazing job!!! It is a wonder that aluminum wire and leather cord can work out such a gorgeous miracle- eye-catching cross pendant. To make things more delightful, the wirework technique is not that complicated and requires only 5 minutes while the result is so terrific. Those crosses can be used in many different ways for example key chains, lanyard necklaces, ID badges, bracelets, earring hooks and chains.

Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant
horseshoe nail cross pendant
I have to say to that this horseshoe nail cross pendant maybe not as charming as those above but it has a strong religion flavor in it. It’s generally believed that Jesus was nailed to the cross. Therefore such a horseshoe nail cross pendant is a modern way to show your faith.
What do you think of the cross pendants mentioned above? Which one do you like best? Your comments are favored. Have a nice day.


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