DIY Classic Mobile Phone pendant with Glass Beads


A classic mobile phone pendant is undoubtedly a good match to your beloved smartphone. This red heart-shaped mobile pendant is therefore highly suggested. It is really eye-catching and appealing among the crowds. And most importantly, such a phone pendant can be easily made at home and of course doesn’t take much time. Read on for more details.
DIY Classic Mobile Phone pendant with Glass Beads52
Things needed Bicone glass beads, Glass pendant, Headpin, Jumpring, Brass chain Mobile phone strap Plier
Instructions on DIY a phone chain with glass beads
First, bind the jumprings one after another and attach a brass chain to the end of the jumpring and then hook the red heart-shaped glass pendant to the brass chain.
Second, thread the bocine glass beads onto the headpin and then form a loop over the bead.
Third, hook the red bead dangles to the three jumprings.
Fourth, connect the jumpring to the phone strap.
Well Done!!! An attractive heart-shaped phone pendant is soon finished!!!! Aren’t you excited about the breathtaking beauty of this phone chain? Now can you resist the temptation of DIY a phone chain yourself? It is really a easy craft that even myself want to make a dozen of these trendy phone chains for my friends. Follow your heart and have a nice try.


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