DIY Cute Wire Wrapped Rings for Kids


Here’s a tutorial to teach you how to make cute wire wrapped rings! This handmade wire wrapped ring is easy and quick to make. You’ll only need jewelry wire and several lovely beads for adornments. I really love the simple yet pretty look and such a DIY wire wrapped ring may cost you 20-40 USD dollars on ETSY. So I’d highly recommend you to try this with your own hands. I bet you’ll enjoy it!
DIY Cute Wire Wrapped Rings for Kids4
Things needed
Yellow glass beads
Pink glass pearls
Copper wire
Aluminum wire
Wire cutter
DIY Cute Wire Wrapped Rings for Kids1

Instructions on DIY wire wrapped ring
Steps1: form a ring base
First, twist the aluminum wire to form a circle almost as the same size of your finger.
Second, roll the wire to make two other circles as what the picture shows.
Third, entwine the excess wire around the circles.
Fourth, trim off the extra wire and smooth the sharp end with plier.

DIY Cute Wire Wrapped Rings for Kids2
Steps2: decorate the ring base with beads
First, attach a piece of copper wire to the ring base.
Second, roll it around the 1/3 portion of the base.
Third, thread a glass bead onto the wire.
Fourth, add the pink pearls and yellow beads in turn and coil the wire
DIY Cute Wire Wrapped Rings for Kids6

Tada!!! A cute and lovely ring for kids is quickly finished. Have you got the hang of wire wrapped ring techniques? The procedure is quite simple and easy and you can even design your pattern with other combinations for your beloved ones. Have a nice try!!!


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