Three Steps to Make Long Crystal Dangle Earrings


Today we are going to teach you how to make long crystal dangle earrings.

Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of DIY a pair of unique dangle earrings? Or you must desire to amaze others by wearing a stunning jewelry piece for long! Well, here is a simple beautiful DIY green crystal dangle earrings, which won’t take you much time. And I bet you’ll totally impresse your friends. So just follow me to learn how to finish the charming long dangle earrings!

 Long Crystal Dangle Earrings


Things needed to make this green crystal earrings .

6mm bicone beads,8mm green acrylic bead, 8mm glass beads, 10mm transparent spacer beads,acrylic beads, bead cap and eyepin.

glass beads

Instructions for making your own crystal dangle earrings:

First, slide a bead to the eyepin.

Next, keep adding other beads. It is suggested to add beads in the following order: a bicone bead, an 8mm acrylic bead, a 10mm acrylic bead, a spacer bead, a 8mm crystal bead, and a bead cap .Of course, you can design your charming crystal dangle earrings with the color and order as you like.

crystal  dangle beads

Finally, Finish making long crystal earrings.

Attach an earring hook to the top loop of the bead dangle. Then an elegant long crystal dangle earring is finished.

Now, you see, it is quite easy to do. You can share your experience of making green dangle earrings with your friends and they’ll surely be proud of you. Why not make a bunch of them and send as small gifts for your girls?


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