Reblog -Fresh Shinning Sequin Beads!


Love sequin beads for embellishing on my old clutches, shoes! Yayyyy……!

via Fresh Shinning Sequin Beads!.

Fresh Shinning Sequin Beads

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Hi guys, hope you all had great time with your daddy or hubby in the past Father’s day!

So today, I’m going to share with you guys new product line as usual – sequin paillette beads. In the old days, they were made from shiny metals, however today, the beads been upgraded to be made out of plastic with more geometrical shapes and color varieties. And in order to reflect more lights, there are many great sequin beads with more facets available in the craft supplies market. They are just so shinny and sparkling beads like disk, that are widely used for mainly decorative purposes in our daily life, like being stitched or glued on clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and so on. Thus we’ve kept sourcing more and more sequin beads here to meet your craft demands. We believe that everyone desires some dazzling and gorgeous piece. Only need to take a little time to stitch or glue the shinning sequin beads on your purse or shoes can you be be impressed by others!

Fresh Shinning Sequins

The new line of sequin beads include 2 kind of main usages: one is for making ornament accessories, another is for fashion/jewelry making. If you are going to throw a party, sequin beads can be your perfect decoration supplies for table, centerpiece, pillows, invitation cards and so on. And being an enthusiastic fashionista, how can you not use sequins to embellish your outfits or make a piece stylish sequin jewelry?! Just let your next DIY crafts shine with sequin beads! And for more ideas about embellishing clothing or other accessories, never miss this post “6 Hot Embellishment Beads for Clothing” by Cristina! Hope you’ll get inspirations from there!


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