TOP 5 Jewelry Ideas for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming soon, have you got great ideas for this day? Today, I will share 5 jewelry ideas for father’s day with you. Please keep reading!

As we all know, father’s day is set up for celebrating and expressing the importance of your father or your children’s dad, is coming soon. Father always plays a role of hero and most of people think that their fathers can do everything. Especially for children, their dad is the symbol of the brave and courage. So this day is an elegant and lasting way to express your love to your dad or the father of your children. Instead of a basketball, ties or other things, I think some jewelry for men as a gift is a good idea.


The first jewelry idea for men is leather. Jewelry which made of leather is really suitable for man which looks so cool. So if you are worried about what gifts you should give to your dad or husband, the leather necklace or bracelet is a good choice. Here are black leather necklace and bracelet for men that I shared below.

leather necklace

leather bracelet

Typical product:


Wooden Beads

Apart from using leather to make a handmade jewelry for your dad, wooden beads could be another perfect material for men’s jewelry. Take these two beaded bracelets for example. The first bracelet is a personalized braided bracelet with wooden beads and acrylic beads. The second one is made of 108 wooden beads and vintage coin pendant.

Leather Bracelet

108 wooden bead  bracelet

Typical product:

wirewood beadsWood Round Beads 

Suede Cord

Here is another jewelry idea for this coming Father’s day 2015. Try to make suede cord bracelets as gifts for your father! These bracelets use a simple wrapping technique with suede lace and make these adjustable cord bracelet is very easy.

 Suede Cord Bracelet

 Suede Cord Bracelet 2

Typical product:

leather wirewirependant

Wire Wrapping

Most people think wire wrap technique is quite difficult to learn, but you will find it is so easy when you follow steps one by one. Gemstone rings are very popular as gifts, so it is a good idea to make a simple wire wrapped ring with stones by your own. You will find that this is one of excellent jewelry ideas for DIY men jewelry. Have you imaged you can create an elegant ring just with a wire and a stone? If yes, try it out!

Wire Wrap Stone DIY

wire wrap ring

Typical product:

Copper Jewelry Wirered gemstone



Pendants are also the common accessories for men to wear. That’s the reason why I share this jewelry idea – skull bead pendant necklace – for you. The combination of the skull pendant and leather makes this necklace look cool and charming. They will give your father surprise, and your father will looks handsome, if he wears this pendant necklace!

pendant necklace

Typical product:


Have you got any help from these jewelry ideas for father’s day? Classic Father’s Day jewelry choices include bracelets, necklaces and rings. They can be made of leathers, wooden beads, pendants and you can make them with wire wrap technique. Any of these Father’s Day gifts will be welcomed by Dad!

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