4 Charming Jewelry for Kids


Next Monday is the international Children’s day, and it is on the Jun.1st every year. Every child in the whole world will celebrate it and get a lot of beautiful gifts on that day. If you feel dizzy to choose the right gifts for your kids, these 4 charming jewelry that I will share could help you out.

Today, I want to show you 4 charming jewelry for kids as their Children’s Day gifts, such as jewelry sets for kids, bracelet for kids, earrings for kids, necklaces for kids.

Jewelry Sets for Kids

These are pretty jewelry sets including bracelets and necklaces for kids Which are common but fashion kids’ jewelry sets. We know that kids love colorful, sweet and lightweight designs, so wooden beads and heart shaped beads could be the perfect beads for making these jewelry for kids.

 Jewelry Sets for Kids

Bracelet for kids

This is a cute bracelet that you can spell the children’s name, the parents’ telephone number and even the home address by the using of alphabet beads. In case of an emergency, if our kids have lost in their road, we can find them quickly. So we can also called this alphabet beads bracelet the find me fast bracelet.

Bracelet for Kids

Earrings for kids

This is a pairs of lovely earrings which are made of hama beads with white and red colors. Hama beads are very cute and mainly popular in kid crafts, kids love to use hama beads to make different animal shapes crafts.

Earrings for kids

Necklaces for kids

Gumball necklaces are perfect gifts for kids because these necklaces are made of candy-like beads and the gumball necklace is made of the colorful acrylic beads which are light for kids to wear.

necklaces for kids

This is a sterling dog necklace for kids, and this lovely silver necklace is very easy to make. Of course, you can also change it into the dragon, monkey, tiger and so on to fit your children’s zodiac.

necklaces for kids

These 4 kinds of jewelry gifts are very charming and cute! Sharing this if you love it!


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