3 Kinds of Popular Bracelet Clasps for Jewelry Making


Most of people love wearing some beautiful bracelets. Sometime, the bracelet is easy to loosen as our hands move constantly every day, so we need some clasps very sturdy to fix the bracelet. Different bracelet clasps have different uses, so we need to know the use of each bracelet clasp. Before choosing the bracelet clasp, you should consider if it is really right for you. Now, I want to show you some different kinds of bracelet clasps.

Lobster claw clasps for bracelet

Lobster claw clasps bracelet

Lobster claw clasps


The lobster claw clasps are very common and many bracelet lovers think it is very easy to use, we can also add it to a wide variety of jewelry pieces. Why this kind of clasp is named lobster claw clasp? Because it looks like the lobster’s claw.

Magnetic clasps for bracelet

magnetic clasp Bracelet

Heart Magnetic Clasp

The magnetic clasp is a good choice for you when you plan to go swimming or take a shower, because this clasp is very easy to be taken off. It fixes the bracelets together by the magnet and sometimes you need use enough power to pull them apart.

Button clasps for bracelet

Button clasps for bracelet

button clasp

Button is very useful and it can match everything. It is not just used to match the jewelry, it can also be made into clasp. This kind of button bracelet clasp is fashionable and affordable.

After introducing these three kinds of button clasps, have you learn more about them further? Sharing it if you love it!

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