The Various Types of Wooden Beads


Wooden BeadsFor the creative craftsmen, wood is the best raw material to work with and bring out products just as they are required. Nature gives us many things that we can use to enhance our lives with, and the diversified importance of trees brings our focus to jewelry making. One of the main jewelry making supplies that come into people’s mind when jewelry is mentioned is the bead. Wooden beads are one of the most easy to work with type of beads, and their main advantage is that they are readily available.

Wooden beads can be mixed with other types of jewelry supplies to create magnificent products that will give the wearer a stunning appearance. Can beads come from just any type of tree? The answer is no because there are specific types of trees that are used for curving beads, and they have specific factor of attraction such as fragrance, color, and weight. The following are some of the trees that are used to produce wooden beads.

  • Iron Wood Tree – The tree is known to be among the hardest globally, which is found in the tropical regions. Wooden beads curved from this tree are smooth and comfortable to the skin of the wearer. They are also hard and durable.
  • Jackfruit tree – Wood from this tree is mainly used to make wooden furniture and jewelry beads too. Just as ironwood, tree jackfruit produces very hard wooden beads, which is an advantage when it comes to durability of the jewelry products. Beads from this tree have a yellow color and when given a perfect finish, their loose grain gives them a magnificent natural look. The grains that show clearly on the surface give the jewelry products a natural look.
  • Ebony – Produces wooden beads that have a deep dense and dark colors, and as the wood is popular with furniture makers, so it is with jewelry designers because of the hardness and durability of the beads.
  • Bayong – Is a type of wood that is found in Philippines and just as most of the other trees that are used for curving wooden beads, the products made from it are very durable. The beads that come from this tree can be used to make tablemats and seat covers, as well as door and window blinds. The beads curved from this tree are attractive enough because they have a red-brown color, which comes out clear and shiny when the beads are given a perfect finish.

Do not be like some people who consider wooden beads cheap just because they are made from trees, because the beads have many advantages. You need to try them to see for yourself, but even so, you will have to buy your wooden beads from one of the reputable online stores that have been in this business long enough to provide you with the beads that you need.

The creativity of the jeweler is what determines the outcome of the jewelry products and hence you ought to be creative enough to produce magnificent pieces that will attract many customers.


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