Different kinds of snap jewelry


By the chance, I find some cute Accessories, the bling bling snap jewelry. What is the snap jewelry? In fact, it is designed on the basis of snap button. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Just a common button can change into a variety of beautiful snap jewelry through the creation of the people. The snap button can cater to everyone, you can make it into many styles no matter what you want. Such as vintage style, American street style, modern and fashion style, etc. Because of its diversity, snap jewelry has a lot of variety of patterns and species.

Today, I want to share some with you guys about lots of different snap buttons and snap jewelry. Hope these designs can inspire you to DIY your own charming jewelry or crafts. I believe that through your own creativity, you can also design a unique jewelry, and as long as the courage and imagination, you can design your own style of snap jewelry.

snap button 1

Different Snap Buttons

The snap buttons are varied in different sizes and shapes, such as animals, flowers, numbers and so on. And the button-like charms are from alloy to brass and more.  There are various buttons you could choose and the jewelry accessories are interchangeable.

In the next picture, we can see the snap jewelry owl style, lovely flower style Snaps Jewelry and so on.

snap buttons2

Different Snap Jewelry

With snap buttons, you can make different snap jewelry like snap necklace, snap bracelet and snap ring. It must attract more women or young girls who love the vintage style and really concern with the current fashion. Rings, necklaces, bracelets are favored women; they can make your dress look more perfect and you look more refined. Even, they can make you shine in the crowd.

snap jewelry

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