Jewelry Making and a Quick DIY Wire-Knit Necklace


Beautiful with spring. i love it. Can’t help preparing the correct jewelry making supplies and get started.



After seeing all the amazing hand-made jewelry listed on Etsy, I knew I wanted to try my hand at making some of my own. When Black Friday sparked this year’s holiday shopping, I had a bit of sparkle envy; all these amazing pieces of bling were on sale but I still couldn’t afford it, what with all the money we still need to save for the wedding and all.


I knew for my first couple of pieces I wanted to make something classy that I could wear on an everyday basis, but also something very simple that I could actually do from start to finish. So what’s more classy than pearls? The necklace pictured in the first image is just a simple I-cord with freshwater pearls woven into it as you knit; it can also be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. This second image is…

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About jeccialia

I’m Jeccia, a crafter who has more than 3 years of crafting experience; and I prefer to use beads in most of my craft projects. In my blog Henry Craft Jewels, my readers can get detailed instroductions of beads for crafing and beads for jewelry making. If you love my craft projects and tutorials, please like them, share them and subscribe to my blog. I will work hard to share great beading workds and jewelry making tutorials with you!

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