Earring Making Supplies- Making Your Own Earrings

Earring Making Supplies- Making Your Own Earrings

Have you ever thought of making your own earrings? That would be a wise idea since it will ensure you customize them as per your needs as well as save costs big time. One thing you will require in accomplishing that is the earring making supplies and they are in their numbers out there. You will always find something good in coming up with your personal earrings. If interested in that, you can use the following tips and they are really helpful.

  • Get materials– you will begin at this point which will entail getting every material that you will need right at your working table. Some of them are hooks, alcohol for cleaning, glue, toothpicks, thin wire, a pair of piers, aluminum foil together with anything else that you might consider important as part of your earring making supplies.
  • Disinfect hooks– this step is very important because the hooks come with some harmful chemicals. If you overlook it, you might come to regret later once you begin wearing the earrings. Make sure you have wiped them out using a disinfectant.
  • Make shape– using the aluminum foil, you should be in a position of determining the shape that your earrings will take up. It should be appealing to the eyes and conforming well to the shape of your ears. It should not be such that weight of your earrings occasions a burden to the ears which can be influenced by shape.
  • Decorate– to make the earrings more appealing, consider adding a few decorations. Naturally, earring making supplies are attractive but enhancing that will not be a bad idea to consider. Adding stickers or rolling the earrings in glue and glitter is not a bad option. Some people recommend painting the earrings with a favorable color which is an idea you should give serious thought.
  • Pierce earrings– this is the step where toothpicks will come in handy. Use one to make a hole at the central part of the earrings but you must be careful not to destroy other parts that are not intended for piercing.
  • Using pliers cut the wire into two pieces of approximately 5-7.5cm in length then use that to attach the earrings to the hook. Each piece should be used in separate earring so don’t have both on one earring.
  • Use- once you are through with those steps, the final one will be wearing the earrings. Make sure you have positioned them well. In case you are not keen to start using them immediately, the only alternative is storing the earrings in a good place.

Make sure you have remained observant in using glue with your earring making supplies. It can be very destructive once used in the wrong way to attach your earrings. If the pliers you are using are very sharp, caution should equally be exercised to avoid cutting the materials wrongly. That will definitely occasion losses once it happens. Precision will always be a key thing to uphold when making your own earrings.


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