Desired Qualities of Beads for Jewelry Making


Whether you are targeting plastic, wooden or metallic beads, quality has to be the topmost consideration you make. This is because they have to serve your interests better and remain strong for the longest time possible. The purchase you make touching on beads for jewelry making should not be very different from others but you need to be more detailed. You have to look at the specifics that define beads. Without putting all that into question prior to purchase, you might end up frustrated and fail to achieve your mission.

Therefore, always be on the lookout for the following qualities that most of the successful jewelry beads have:

  • Value– how do you define the value of beads for jewelry making? It is as simple as looking at the price. The higher the price, the lower the value you get in return. When making purchase, you should look for affordable and not cheap beads. Affordable beads have low prices and high quality while cheap beads have both low quality and price. You have to make your choices wisely not to mess up
  • Durability– this quality is reflected in the type of material that the beads are made of. It is upon you to research well and know which among the many materials available is stronger than others. You will have the choice of wood, metal and plastic as the major materials in the market. There are many others to consider but the bottom line should be making a determination on the most durable one. A durable material will allow you to use beads for the longest time you can while weak materials wear out very fast.
  • Appearance- jewelry is all about making one appear good. For that reason, it is important you put into consideration the aesthetic value of beads for jewelry making that you select to use. They have to be attractive, appealing and eye-catching in terms of colors they have and design. Bright colors are known to be very attractive than dark ones and it’s an option you should weigh in very well. The shape can as well add to the aesthetic value of beads and should not be ignored among your considerations.
  • Weight- every person has specific preference in relation to the weight of beads to use in jewelry making. Many people prefer having light beads but still there are those who want heavy beads. Sometimes, it is all determined by the size of the body. Big-bodied people would have no problem having heavy beads while light-bodied guys prefer having light beads. Either way, weight is a very critical factor that you should consider when buying beads for jewelry making. It should meet your own specifications.

Never buy beads to use in jewelry making if they don’t meet at least half of the desired qualities. They must address a big chunk of that for you to get satisfied. Never have any limitations or go overboard when choosing the best beads for your jewelry works. It is advisable you remain moderate.


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