Why Acrylic Beads are good for Jewelry


You cannot downplay the importance of acrylic beads in jewelry making. They are some of the best valued accessories thanks to the many advantages that outweigh disadvantages. Touching lightly, you need to understand from the outset that acrylic is purely synthetic material which astonishes in equal measure like any other. It is the single source of the growing popularity for the beads and benefits are countless.

  1. Affordability– this material is very easy to produce which means it will not incur a lot of expenses. The cheap manufacturing process will translate into low prices for buyers to enjoy. Therefore, acrylic beads are more affordable compared to other types that you will find in the market and a reason for you to go after them.
  2. Light in weight– who would want to have a heavy necklace hanging around the neck or earring on the ears? None and that is why you should consider buying those made of acrylic material. Naturally, the material is lightweight making it completely suitable for jewelry. Weight will apparently be a top thing you consider when buying jewelry and this fits in well into your requirements.
  3. Durability– when you buy acrylic beads, the main hope is that they will serve you for the longest time and there is that guarantee. These beads have been tested and proven that they can withstand all the wear and tear effects for some time before needing replacement. This must be the biggest benefit you will enjoy because as you will realize, the beads can’t wear out very fast like many others and you will have them for as long as you wish.
  4. Clarity– people think that only glass material is clear because of the transparent nature but they are wrong. Acrylic is as well clear which should be a reason for you to consider having acrylic beads. You might not even notice its difference with glass unless some coloring is applied to make it opaque. While glass beads are a bit costly to buy, those made from acrylic are cheaper and can be a good substitution.
  5. Color selection– this is one aspect in which acrylic material beats the rest that are used for making jewelry. Chances of missing out on the right color you want are minimal and even zero at times since there is a big color selection to choose from. Whether you want bright or dark colors, all that will be served to you at will.
  6. Malleable- you should not be worried in case you don’t get acrylic beads of the shape you wanted because material is malleable. It is easy to manipulate it to any shape that you want without it breaking. That offers the much needed flexibility and adds for a big reason you will want to buy beads made of acrylic.

You can only ignore any of these considerations at your own peril. They have the capability of single-handedly delivering you the right purchase to satisfy your jewelry needs. If stuck or confused, always ask for help.


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