How to Use Earring Hooks Smartly

How to Use Earring Hooks Smartly


Earrings are among the most treasured jewelry pieces that every woman out there should have. With earrings being some of the most demanded jewelry pieces out there, so has the demand for earring hooks risen as well. If you are a jewelry designer, it is very important for you to know how you can use these hooks in the best way possible so that you can be able to make the most stunning jewelry creations you can ever wish for. Fortunately, you will be thrilled to know that working with these hooks is one of the most enjoyable things you can ever engage in.

Different types of available

One thing that you should understand very well is that earring hooks are available in many different types and it is important that you know the best one to use for your project. Basic hooks are the most widely used and the good thing about these hooks is that they can be used with nearly any type of earring. These hooks essentially comprise of just a single, plain thin wire which has been curved to have a hook shape. Essentially, these hooks are more ideal for heavy earrings since they are capable of keeping them in place. Besides, the fact that they are among the most affordable hooks explains why they have become so popular today. You can even be sure that you will be getting them at much cheaper prices when you purchase them on the web and they are very effective.

677700883_oThe lobster claw is yet another one of the most commonly used earring hooks and if you are making some tiny earrings, these are essentially the most ideal hooks to use. In addition, these hooks are also very good when it comes to making bracelets and necklaces and you can as well use the fish hook for similar purposes as well. What is even awesome about these hooks is that you can even customize some to be made just for you and you are at liberty to select the most ideal type of material for you such as pure gold or plain copper.

Buying tips for earring hooks

earring-fixNow, when it comes to buying earring hooks, it is essential that you do your shopping very well so that you can be able to get exactly what you want. The good thing about the internet is that you will find all the different types of hooks you might ever want on this earth. Besides the plain ones which are incredibly popular, it is also possible to get hooks that perfectly accentuate your jewelries and there is certainly nothing better than this. Moreover, you also need to decide on the best type of color that you want as well as the styles and designs. If you want to get even more fantastic deals, the internet is certainly the best place where you can buy these hooks from and you will get all the different varieties available at your disposal.


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