How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies


International Gem & Jewelry Show ChicagoYou should never go to the market with the aim of buying wholesale jewelry supplies without a plan. That will lead you into frustrations and regrets. Making advanced preparations will guide you into proper use of the money budgeted for as well as choosing the right place to buy. Also, getting prepared will lead you into securing the best supplies to purchase. This article gives you some of the pointers on how to buy jewelry supplies in wholesale.

  • Materials– there are different types of materials used to make jewelry supplies so it’s important you consider what to buy. The material you choose for your supplies has to be strong for the guarantee of durability. Metal, acrylic, glass, gemstone and wood are some of the common materials that you can think about. They are all suitable for making wholesale jewelry supplies so never ignore any.
  • Shape and size– whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or earring that you are buying in wholesale, make sure to consider their shape and sizes. It will look odd if the earrings you have are bigger than the ears. The two have to be proportionate as well as all other supplies. The shape might not be a very critical consideration like size but its good you have an appealing shape that does not send the wrong message to other people. You know the type of messages that different shapes can send so be wary of that. Common shapes to lookout for are oval, round and square.
  • Theme– jewelry accessories are never bought or worn for just fun but there are very serious reasons. There are supplies for every type of theme whether it’s for a wedding ceremony, a formal function or just any casual outing. You should be able to make out the difference between all that when buying wholesale jewelry supplies. It will be very disastrous when you have beads that don’t correspond with the right theme of the day. You can do your research well on time to know about all the supplies in the market that match with your specific theme. It is one of the best ways to make informed purchase decisions.


  • Style– what is your style? That is set to come out clearer depending on the type of supplies that you have bought. Style has to be one of the purchasing points when looking for the best jewelry supplies because most of the dealers have listed their beads as per style. You must make research to know about some of these styles in case you have no idea.
  • Color– color matters a lot when it comes to jewelry especially with women. You can have either bright or dull-colored wholesale jewelry supplies but that will depend on your personal taste and preference. There are very many colors to choose the best one from so make your selections wisely.

As a new buyer, you will require some guidance so that you don’t make silly mistakes. Purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies can sometimes be very tricky even to experienced buyers.


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