How to Use Ring Blanks in the Design of Jewelry

How to Use Ring Blanks in the Design of Jewelry

a_ringMany people wear rings as fashion ornaments, while others put them on to signify a certain phase in life for example engagement or marriage. Rings are usually made of certain metals with gemstones embedded on them. They come in various sizes because people have different sizes of fingers, and the rings are put on different fingers too according to their purpose. There are rings that are worn on toes too.

Many designers find it hard to design rings but it is never a hard task as long as you get to know how it is done. The easiest way to go about it and be able to produce wholesale rings is by the use of ring blanks, which are nowadays readily available due to the increased demand of rings. You can check the various online stores like, which sell genuine blanks that you can use to make customized rings and general types of rings for your retailer customers. Buying the blanks in bulk is the best solution because you will get them at a discounted cost, and the shipping will also be less costly because you will do it once for a given quantity of sock of the rings that your want to design.

What is a Ring Blank?

FI693-2A ring blank is a pre-designed finger ring that has not undergone the full designing process. After stamping the ring, the rest of the work I left to the designers to shape or add the gemstones that they will want to make the ring complete. They are simply the base that forms a finger ring, and if you want to make your ring designing easier you should purchase the ring blanks that come ready with a bezel. In that case, all you need to do is set and mount your gemstone and do the final touches on the ring.

While buying wholesale ring blanks remember that they vary in sizes and shapes. You will need to know your market so that you can stock the right rings that the retailers usually order. Some rings are solid and others are adjustable, a feature that fits the needs of customers who are not sure of the size they want.

Choose Your Stones Well

14x10_rose_gold_prong_settings_teardrop_open_back_1_ring_or_2_ring_-_6pcs_17db89aeThe gemstones that you use on the ring blanks are the focal point of your work and hence you should be very precise in your designing to create attractive pieces that will sell fast. You will need the right tools for the job, and you have to keep in mind that you have to clean the blanks before you start working on them. In that case, you will need a cleaning solution such as acetone and distilled water to rinse the blanks. Let them dry before you work on them.

Glue Your Gemstones

A clean ring blank is ready for gluing and hence you simply apply the adhesive on the bezel and the base of the stone. In the case where you are using many small gemstones, the best way is to glue them together first, then glue the cluster on the bezel.


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