Upcycled PET Bottles Jewelry by Silver Nut Tree


Happy holiday!! Today I will share some amazing art jewelry with you! Let’s go…When we say recycle, artisans Rituparna Das and Angeline Babu are the mothers behind Silver Nut Tree. They ofen make all handcrafted and upcycled from PET bottles to inspire their children to recycle. They turn “trash” into value jewelry named The Phoenix Range. What a great idea! I collected some of their amazing crafts below. Enjoy!
Silver Nut Tree earrings

silver nut tree earrings 1

silver nut tree earrings 3Silver Nut Tree necklaces

silver nut tree necklace 6 silver nut tree necklace 4 silver nut tree necklace 1They work with PET plastic bottles, bottlecaps and CD cases, painted them to the cured art with rubber glue to keep the art intact and protected. Then do the wire work and beading. What inspirational crafts!

I must say that I am super excited! I will have a try to make a simple necklace with bottlecaps, glass beads and pearl beads. That must be a great holiday craft with my moms, sisters, aunts or kids. If you agree with me, gonna prepare some PET bottles and other jewelry making supplies, then try one out! Happy holiday! :)


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