What to do with my cabochon settings


Have you got the same experience that you didn’t know what to do with your jewelry making supplies? I’ve occured this situation often. When I did some tidying yesterday, I found A lot of cabochon settings which completely abandoned by accident, even the useful pendant cabonchon settings!  No doubt that DIY photo pendants project will be well used these pendant cabonchon settings. Today’s craft tutorial is a special attempt. :) Coz I always wear two or three pendants. I love to make a similar one that I usually wear. Here’s my first attempt at making a photo pendant.

Main Jewelry making supplies:
Pendant Cabonchon settings
Photos printed to size
Packing tape
Modge podge
What to do with cabochon settings

How to make photo pendants:
1. Cover photos with clear packing tape to protect them
2. Using a dry glue to adhere photos to pendant cabonchon settings
3.  Cover with some modge podge and allow to dry
4. Put the photo pendants on a chain

And with these steps, I’m done! This is an easy but special craft and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  However, what to do with other cabonchon settings? Including rhinestone claw setting and enamel settings. Any ideas? I DO need new ideas. Thanks for stopping by.
Image source: Pinterest.com/pin/245164773437459514/


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