4 Easy Kid Jingle Bell Crafts


Yesterday, when I went to Warmart for some household products and found that there were so many Christmas Items on shelves. And the Christmas song “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way…” inspired me.  Why not make some easy kid crafts with bells!! Coz I’ve got many Christmas beads and items as Christmas gifts from an online store. Especially the majority of jingle bells. Making kid crafts with these bell pendants seems to be a funny thing, and my little daughter always loves to DIY together with me. Okay, let’s begin to share the ideas…:)


The first craft is Jingle bell bracelet, which is easy formed with jingle bells and pipe cleaners. Thread the bell pendants along the pipe cleaner (five bells are ok), and bend the cleaner around, then wrap the bracelet to make it nice and neat. Source from: laughingkidslearn.com/2013/12/diy-christmas-sleigh-bells.html


The second project is Jingle bell pendants. No need tutorials, I can make my own pendant with red and green bells in 3 minutes. How about you? :) Image from: pinterest.com/pin/234820568044944059


Red & Green Jingle Bell Bows are the third project. The jewelry making supplies are very simple – jingle bells and grosgrain ribbons. Image source: pinterest.com/pin/13651605096054046/


The last project is Christmas wine charms with jingle bells, pearl beads, seed beads and other supplies. Image source: pinterest.com/pin/569846159075665768/

Bells are a playful addition to jewelry and craft making. All these crafts are easy to follow. That’s the main reason why I collected these four. Have a nice crafting with your kids! And so am I.  😀


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