DIY: Make Perler Bead Rainbow


It’s about 4pm and my new craft will begin!! No doubt that perler beads are so popular nowadays, how about making something other then animals is a nice creative craft. No need any technique, a perler bead rainbow with be formed on a pegboard with rainbow color perler beads. Fresh idea, right? If your children wants to make a perler bead rainbow would gain more fun. Let’s begin!


Jewelry making suppliesfor a perler bead rainbow

Red perler beads
Orange perler beads
Yellow perler beads
Green perler beads
Cyan perler beads
Blue perler beads
Purple perler beads
Pressing Paper
Cord loop
Round Hama Pegboard

How to create this perler bead rainbow
Firstly, place the 7 kinds of color perler beads to the pegboard to form a perler bead rainbow. The place order from inside and out is red, orange, yellow, cyan, blue and purple. Then, press this perler bead rainbow with iron. At last, use a jumpring to collect a cord loop to one top of the rainbow.  Great, the perler bead rainbow is well finished! Quite easy, right? :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy project!

Source from:;jsessionid=B4072DA875C12096F63E08E97D7BFD91


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