Layered Pendant Look~


Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! In the following, again I’ll share one type of DIY necklace, which it’s easy, easy, easy- layered pendant necklaces! They are the simplest yet prettiest, as you can use any jewelry charms, pendants or beads you like to hang them together. I often use them to create a layered clustering look. Antique colored charms like lockets, hearts, cabochon settings, starfish, etc.  always appeal to me. So one suggestion, if you want some certain unique shapes of charms, or going to make lots of layered pendant necklace for sale, I recommend to purchase wholesale charms online. Because, wholesale charms online always comes with large quantities and diversities and you can end up having a lot choices to whip up different designs. I believe your imagination is without limit! And the prices of wholesale charms online are comparatively much cheaper than the local shop. Hope you’ve been inspired to give this idea a go. Thanks!


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