Introducing Magnetic Clasps and What Makes Them So Popular



Over the last couple of years, demand for magnetic clasps has been increasing steadily as these clasps continue to become a top favorite for many. Every enthusiastic jewelry designer is considering including them when making their jewelry pieces and there are some very good reasons behind this. Still on the same note, there are other designers who don’t really give a damn about using them since they believe that they are suitable when making men’s jewelry only. This is however not the case as you will find them being used widely in kid’s and women’s jewelry and are recognized by nearly everyone in this field.

Different types of magnetic clasps

To start with, these magnetic clasps come in a wide range of types to select from and you can be sure that you will be able to find one that is most suitable for you. Nevertheless, most of them usually come with a button like look and a loop on their back. You can secure the loop to another finding which you can then secure to your other threading material. These magnets are usually very strong and this makes them very possible to fasten jewelry. However, you will need to be ready to use some more strength when unfastening them. It is for their effectiveness in securing the jewelry pieces that they have become incredibly popular of late.

Suitability of using magnetic clasps


Despite their effectiveness in securing the jewelry pieces, magnetic clasps are not just suitable for creating every other jewelry that you make. These clasps are preferred to making bracelets even though they are still used in necklaces as well. The reason is that fastening the bracelet using one hand can be very difficult and you might have problems opening the clasp. As far as necklaces are concerned, these clasps are a suitable choice since you will be using both of your hands to open them.

There are many different designs, styles and sizes of magnetic clasps available out there on the market and you will certainly have lots of options to consider. Regardless of the kind of jewelry making project you want to engage in, you can be sure that these clasps are an excellent choice to use. They are available widely and you will thus not have any problem finding them and their relative cheap nature makes them incredibly affordable. Despite their many benefits, these clasps aren’t more costly compared to other clasps available out there like toggle clasps, lobster clasps and others. Some of these clasps come in very elegant designs and you can be sure that the jewelry piece you create will have a refreshing look besides being just a functional piece. Keeping all these benefits in mind, you have every reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to use these clasps as a jewelry designer.

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