The Story Behind The Popularity of Wooden Beads



Even though wooden beads have existed for many years, it is not until recently that many people have noticed them and this has resulted in skyrocketing popularity. Jewelry that has been made with these wooden components is becoming a top choice for many and every jewelry maker is now realizing that the market has a great demand for them. These beads have an interesting story that explains their popularity and why everyone seems to be falling in love with them nowadays.

The natural aspect

One of the reasons behind the rising popularity of wooden beads is due to the fact that they seem to be a little bit more natural compared to other types of beading supplies that the market has to offer. In fact, most people nowadays prefer these beads over glass beads or the acrylic beads. With these beads, it is possible to find those that haven’t been treated with unnatural chemicals and are made purely by hand. As people continue to be more conscious about their health, they are very keen to buy natural and chemical free beads and this explains the increasing popularity of wood beads. A special dyeing process is used to stain the beads and give them they awesomely good looking nature.

Blend perfectly with other beads


The fact that wooden beads go very well with other beads means that jewelry designers are willing to buy the beads and use them together with other beads in creating their items. When mixed with earthy and natural beading supplies, the final creation looks awesomely great. As a designer, you get to decide exactly how you will use them and which other beads you will need to combine to make a unique jewelry piece. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that there are lots of fantastic alternatives available out there.

Different natural varieties available

Generally speaking, wooden beads are sourced from many trees and this means that a large variety of these beads is naturally available. Ranging from softwoods to hardwoods, your selection for these beads is never limited as every tree delivers a completely different effect. Nevertheless, some trees are much better source of these beads than others such as bayong, ebony, rosewood, redwood, tiger ebony and whitewood. The uniqueness and beauty of these beads is what has over the years contributed greatly to their popularity and you can make a choice based on your tastes and preferences.


Jewelry items designed with wooden beads are usually of lightweight and this explains why they are incredibly popular. Despite their light weight, these jewelries are also very strong such that they are able to effectively withstand the strains and stresses that the typical jewelry is made to go through on each day. Depending on your creativity, there are so many fantastic designs that you can make using the beads. Buying them at is highly advised as you will find a wide selection of them to use in your beading projects.

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