European Beads and What You Must Know About Them



Jewelry pieces made with European beads have become a hot commodity for jewelry lovers these days. Normally, these types of beads are glass made and feature a large hole at the center which is their main distinguishing characteristic. The reason why they are referred to as European is apparently not clear as such but it is widely believed that most of the first companies in the wild of charm making originated from Europe. So, these beads are charm like and have silver tubing lining them and are outstandingly beautiful.

Popularity of European beads

For anyone thinking about designing some unique jewelry pieces, European beads usually come as a natural choice for many. The main reason why this is the case is due to their distinct difference when compared to other beads mainly due to their unique three dimensional designs. While you will mostly find these beads being used for designing bracelets, they can also be used for making a wide range of customized jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Today, it is possible to find beads of this nature in a wide range of materials and is available in different styles as well.

Different styles available


The many different styles of European beads available means that you are never limited for options when it comes to working with these beads. Whether you like slightly smaller pieces or the large chunky ones, you can be sure that you will find a perfect choice with these beads. Some of them have an attractive shiny appearance and you can use such beads to make some beautiful jewelry pieces that you will certainly be thrilled with. It is in fact thanks to their many styles that people always prefer them for making unique pieces of jewelry.

What can you make with them?



The good thing is that you can create a large variety of items using European beads and everything depends on your creating and skills. Ranging from bracelets to anklets and necklaces, the list of what these beads can be used for is certainly unlimited. Besides this, most jewelry designers have been using them for creating key chains, earrings, pendants, wallets, handbags and even some beautiful accessories for purses. There are even people who combine different charms on their items in order to give the creation a unique and different look. Sewing these beads on your clothing is still another way of using them as well.

After you have known all these information regarding European beads, the next most important question to ask yourself is exactly where the best place for purchasing them is. Fortunately, if you have a computer and internet connection, this should be the last thing to worry about. is the number one online store where you can get these beads and others at highly reasonable prices. Here, you are assured of finding not just these European charms but a wide range of other high quality and beautiful beads for making your jewelry.


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