Making Jewelry with Cabochons


Cabochon jewelry is one of my favorite. They usually give an old and classic look. But most importantly, they can be easily made with cabochon settings together with glass cabochon. Here, I’m sharing with you some DIY jewelry with cabochons. Get some cabochon setting and jewelry findings and start DIY your own!

0ffdfaa39ed24022ac2c36c161ec2f03-680-680 9e10baf2fe144abd831e0ab34b2da310-680-680 75ae209c52b84491a53cab26f99caddf-680-680 a9b10529b11943f9bf3e1c13f225fa7c-680-680 b4ad29aa33ad4ac780685ed6a79eeaa2-680-680 bd58804c5748492e95260dcd6ddcd7c2-680-680 c49a8973126c4c0f903e78a915e0cc00-680-680

Customer works from:


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