My Collection of Pendant Necklaces


Recently, I collected some pretty pendant necklace designs. They are beautiful handcrafted jewelry for matching various outfits, but also perfect as gift for friends.

Antique Flower Necklace: you’ll need to glue the acrylic flower on the filigree link, and hang the Eiffel Tower charm under the flower combination. At last, connect the beads, Tibetan links, and chain together.

Cabochon Pendant Necklace: cabochon setting and glass cabochon with right size are required to make the cabochon pendant. And with the heart charm, flower charm, bead dangles added, and ribbon bow tied, this necklace can be quickly done.

Strawberry Pendant Necklace: I’m not sure how to do the yarn crochet strawberry. You may google it for a try. After finishing the strawberry, glue the pearl cabochon on, and use jump ring to connect it with chain.

Elegant Gemstone Necklace: It uses pinch bail to grab the agate pendant, then thread the gemstone beads, glass beads and bead caps, and add the toggle clasps; the jewelry piece is ready to wear.

Cute Piggy Head Pendant: Pink perler beads are fused together to make the piggy head, and then blue pearl cabochons and ribbon bow are glued on. (You may google how to iron pearl beads.)

Pink Bead Pendant: Long eye pin is required to cross through the bead caps, big pink bead, and Tibetan bead to get the bead pendant. With a jump ring attached with the chain, the project will be done easily.

All in all, pendant necklace are the easiest jewelry work as long as you know how to attach the pendant. But to create really stunning jewelry crafts, choosing best jewelry making supplies, such as pretty beads with proper colors and lusters, right jewelry findings, etc. is the top priority.


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