Learn How to Make Ring Blanks on Your Own



Making ring blanks is highly beneficial for any person that likes making jewelry. The most important thing about them that has made them incredibly popular is the fact that they give you a high sense of customization. Making rings of this nature is quite easy to decorate them and you can always be sure that you will be able to find the most ideal size for you. If you are thinking to make some ring blanks in the near future, it is always good that you have an idea of exactly what you should have in hand.

Ring tools are very important as you will need them for sizing and shaping of the rings appropriately. For this reason, make sure that you have these tools with so that you can make ring blanks with a difference. The most important tools that you must have with you are the ring sizer and the ring mandrel and you will be using them together. Working with these tools will make your ring making expedition a very thrilling one and you will certainly be very fascinated with everything that you will be engaging with.


You will also need to have sheet metal tools as these are also very vital when it comes to making ring blanks that are unique and ideal for you. Sheet metal is essential used for making the thin bands and silver is used for soldering them. Most of the stores that sell jewelry supplies also have such sheets as well and will help you a lot in making your basic rings, bands, signet bands and others. Other tools that will make the whole process an easy one include metal files, metal snips, soldering iron, a solder and a ring shaper.

You can also make the rings using thick wire and wire tools like pliers and the wire itself will really help you a lot. To ensure that you get great designs of rings, make sure that you are using pliers of different types. You can also add some embellishments to your ring blanks as well to make them more attractive and beautiful to the eye.

If you have decided to make these ring blanks on your own, it is essential that you make use of various references just to be sure that you are doing the right thing. Buying them shouldn’t pose any problems to you as pandahall.com stocks all the various types of supplies that you want. You can even order them right at the comfort of your home on the internet and you are going to have them shipped to you immediately and without any delays to make the entire process a completely hassle free one.


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